A Good Kid Who Just Wanted to Be First

Fam w Joe

So today we see WFMY News 2’s Facebook post about Joseph Bell from Gibsonville, NC who was featured as being the first in line for a new Krispy Kreme restaurant in Burlington, NC.  He wanted nothing more from the experience than to win a year of free donuts for being first there.  He was camped out there since Saturday, was approached by police because some people called in that he was homeless.  What surprises us about this post is the response from people posting on WFMY’s Facebook page.  There were a bunch of extremely hateful comments about his weight and other nonsense.  I weighed in on a few comments myself saying guess what anyone who posts here is a permanent record that could potentially hurt your job future.  (There have been no bad comments since then)  I must have scared a few of them half to death because some were immediately removed.  But one would wonder why didn’t the News site limit or moderate the comment feed?   How could they allow such harassment of this kid?  He is pictured helping others as a camp counselor at Camp Greenleaves which is Burlington’s Summer Camp for those with special needs, where is he is a model counselor.  The world needs more mature young adults like this and less of those sharing their hurtful opinions.  Thank you Joseph for setting a model example for all kids in your area.  Let WFMY know that they should moderate and leave Joseph a positive comment https://www.facebook.com/WFMYNews2

Krispy Kreme logo

Krispy Kreme logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)