Leap Motion: Minority Report and Iron Man in a small package

So yesterday, i received my long desired Leap Motion.  First of all, it is very impressive and game changing for how we are going to interact with our devices.  I was able to scroll through pages and move things with my hands in mid air.  The only issue with the device is learning it.  The ability to shoot a gun or cut the rope without touching anything is very intriguing.  However, due to the lack of time it has been out, alot of the applications do not have a clear standardized way of navigating content.  Also the applications do not have an easy way to show how to interact with them.  Google Earth is the big disappointment.  Their demo is incredible, however once you open in on Airspace, (Leap’s Appstore), you have no clue how to use it with the motion controller.  If anyone has insight on this let me know now because i am clueless.  The shinning lights are applications such as New York Times which is a new 3d feel to the news.  The Leap is an incredible device.  I want to use it more but i am waiting for their tech support to figure out why my real address wont accept in their billing system.  Maybe they need an update?