Is Apple TV Really Coming?

The question has been hitting the street for the last few weeks since Apple has been talking to Time Warner Cable.  So do we see a revamped Apple TV Box? Or Rather a full Giant Apple TV or iTV?  Being an avid user of the Apple TV system i can say that it is quite useful.  I currently possess two boxes one in bedroom and one in the living room.  The cloud streaming is very useful for TV, Movies and Music and allows me to turn the whole place into a media playground.  Its perfect for those parties that you may have.

So the device itself is working extremely well.  What can be expect from a physical screen Apple TV?:

1.  Retina Display: Apple has developed a phenomenal screen for all of its devices that it has not really tested to its full potential yet.  This is the chance and we know and understand that Retina will be key upon release.

2.  iOS Integration: the core of Apple products is quickly adapting to a full iOS platform.  We even seeing Mac OS starting to adapt more and more.

3.  Siri: with the release of smart Tv’s from Samsung and LG, we can expect that the Apple console will have full Siri integration and voice command options to make it do basically anything you want it to.

4.  Airplay: iOS7 is really pushing airplay, we will now see apps that we play on our TV screens while we twist and turn the device.

5.  App Store:  We will most likely get full access to the App Store for Apple TV

These are just a few examples of what we could see in a full Apple TV device.


iWatch…Are we ready this time?

For my first post on this “my new” blog, i wanted to explore the new rumors on the iWatch.


It seems that the rumorsphere that has been building up all year about Apple building the iWatch may come true after all.  However, as consumers are we truly ready for a device like this?  One may answer: Absolutely, without much thought.  If you look at our current market trends, this would alter dramatically the way that we communicate (0nce again).

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase



iWatch (Photo credit: Brett Jordan)


I have read articles all over that say if Google’s Glass and Apple’s iWatch become the new norm, soon (within 5 years) our precious smartphones will be obsolete.  Weird to think about huh?


Smartphones and Tablets, were the causes of the decline in PC Sales so we can all understand what wearable computing will do to the technology market.

This is short, I know…But it will get you thinking.  How do you feel about wearable devices?  Tweet at me @nphoenix1 to start the discussion.