Big Commodities Taking Hits in Future

So today we see a lead analyst at Gulf calling oil price per barrel to hit $50 by year end.  That is over 50% in a reduction of cost from its current price standing.  Now some analysts of the gold commodity are saying that history has led us to the assumption that gold price will be dropping by as much as $500 in the next quarter or two.  In the case of gold, we already know that the market price has fallen over 20% this year and shows a steady decline.   While this price reduction for these commodities is occurring we are seeing dollar growth on the currency exchange markets, which on (digital) paper looks great for the US.


These are among the two most valuable commodities in the world.  Well depending your morning priorities, some might feel that coffee as a commodity is far more valuable.  Never the less, is now a time to get out?  What is this price change going to do to the valuation of currencies around the globe?