A Good Kid Who Just Wanted to Be First

Fam w Joe

So today we see WFMY News 2’s Facebook post about Joseph Bell from Gibsonville, NC who was featured as being the first in line for a new Krispy Kreme restaurant in Burlington, NC.  He wanted nothing more from the experience than to win a year of free donuts for being first there.  He was camped out there since Saturday, was approached by police because some people called in that he was homeless.  What surprises us about this post is the response from people posting on WFMY’s Facebook page.  There were a bunch of extremely hateful comments about his weight and other nonsense.  I weighed in on a few comments myself saying guess what anyone who posts here is a permanent record that could potentially hurt your job future.  (There have been no bad comments since then)  I must have scared a few of them half to death because some were immediately removed.  But one would wonder why didn’t the News site limit or moderate the comment feed?   How could they allow such harassment of this kid?  He is pictured helping others as a camp counselor at Camp Greenleaves which is Burlington’s Summer Camp for those with special needs, where is he is a model counselor.  The world needs more mature young adults like this and less of those sharing their hurtful opinions.  Thank you Joseph for setting a model example for all kids in your area.  Let WFMY know that they should moderate and leave Joseph a positive comment https://www.facebook.com/WFMYNews2

Krispy Kreme logo

Krispy Kreme logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Is Apple TV Really Coming?

The question has been hitting the street for the last few weeks since Apple has been talking to Time Warner Cable.  So do we see a revamped Apple TV Box? Or Rather a full Giant Apple TV or iTV?  Being an avid user of the Apple TV system i can say that it is quite useful.  I currently possess two boxes one in bedroom and one in the living room.  The cloud streaming is very useful for TV, Movies and Music and allows me to turn the whole place into a media playground.  Its perfect for those parties that you may have.

So the device itself is working extremely well.  What can be expect from a physical screen Apple TV?:

1.  Retina Display: Apple has developed a phenomenal screen for all of its devices that it has not really tested to its full potential yet.  This is the chance and we know and understand that Retina will be key upon release.

2.  iOS Integration: the core of Apple products is quickly adapting to a full iOS platform.  We even seeing Mac OS starting to adapt more and more.

3.  Siri: with the release of smart Tv’s from Samsung and LG, we can expect that the Apple console will have full Siri integration and voice command options to make it do basically anything you want it to.

4.  Airplay: iOS7 is really pushing airplay, we will now see apps that we play on our TV screens while we twist and turn the device.

5.  App Store:  We will most likely get full access to the App Store for Apple TV

These are just a few examples of what we could see in a full Apple TV device.

Everyone wants a piece of the Apple Pie

I feel like everyone wants to get a piece of the Apple pie these days.  Today we found out that Scott Weiselberg a Lawyer from Florida is going with a class action lawsuit saying that users were wrongfully tricked into buying HD videos that wouldn’t work on their devices.  Now lets think about something here, sure Apple should have noted that but are people really going to sue the company over a dollar difference here? It says right on there that we can download in SD or HD depending on our device.

Common sense says that we should maybe think before we purchase that copy of Big Daddy, knowing that an iPhone 3gs was one of the first iPhones and may not support HD playback without retina display.  Maybe he could have done a tad bit of research on his smartphone and found out that it couldn’t handle HD.  Finally, who really watches movies on an iPhone anyways, guess what we have iPads, iTunes, Apple TV (ALL HD).  This is a lawsuit that truly makes zero sense because it is still the users fault for not reading the instruction manual.  They did not operate the device in the proper way.  Believe it or not these devices are not supposed to teach you everything.  Here is my daily rant on the stupidity of people suing large companies for issues that they themselves caused.

English: The new, second-generation Apple TV. ...

English: The new, second-generation Apple TV. This is now released, shipping product which is in customers’ hands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How can a Bank effectively utilize Pinterest?

Since its introduction, financial services how wondered how they can effectively use Pinterest as part of their social media strategy.  Not many answers have come from this yet.  Well i think i may have found the solution to this problem.  Banks these days are really working on their branding and their colors.  Branding is an effective way for a bank to build a high level of consumer loyalty.  Banks need their consumers to trust them again and a re-brand of the financial institution helps consumers think differently about their current accounts.  We see a lot of financial institutions starting to re-brand during the economic recovery right now.  So for Pinterest, lets brand the banks through the directly and engage the customer more effectively.  

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Logos, color schemes, bank events can all be posted on Pinterest in order to help customers engage with the brand.  If you are in a re-branding process perhaps you need to start leaking parts of your logo or masking the logo to create the wonder.  Soon customers will be able to recognize your new look.  Have some PR that you want to share, post the pictures from the event.  All of these are feasible during these modern times.  It is important for all types of businesses to stay connected on many different platforms. 


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