Leap Motion: Minority Report and Iron Man in a small package

So yesterday, i received my long desired Leap Motion.  First of all, it is very impressive and game changing for how we are going to interact with our devices.  I was able to scroll through pages and move things with my hands in mid air.  The only issue with the device is learning it.  The ability to shoot a gun or cut the rope without touching anything is very intriguing.  However, due to the lack of time it has been out, alot of the applications do not have a clear standardized way of navigating content.  Also the applications do not have an easy way to show how to interact with them.  Google Earth is the big disappointment.  Their demo is incredible, however once you open in on Airspace, (Leap’s Appstore), you have no clue how to use it with the motion controller.  If anyone has insight on this let me know now because i am clueless.  The shinning lights are applications such as New York Times which is a new 3d feel to the news.  The Leap is an incredible device.  I want to use it more but i am waiting for their tech support to figure out why my real address wont accept in their billing system.  Maybe they need an update?


Big Commodities Taking Hits in Future

So today we see a lead analyst at Gulf calling oil price per barrel to hit $50 by year end.  That is over 50% in a reduction of cost from its current price standing.  Now some analysts of the gold commodity are saying that history has led us to the assumption that gold price will be dropping by as much as $500 in the next quarter or two.  In the case of gold, we already know that the market price has fallen over 20% this year and shows a steady decline.   While this price reduction for these commodities is occurring we are seeing dollar growth on the currency exchange markets, which on (digital) paper looks great for the US.


These are among the two most valuable commodities in the world.  Well depending your morning priorities, some might feel that coffee as a commodity is far more valuable.  Never the less, is now a time to get out?  What is this price change going to do to the valuation of currencies around the globe?

Thousands of Dollars…for a Rock

Ask any man who has ever had to buy an engagement ring for his fiance, or any man who has had to buy diamonds in general.  The piece of rock that is extremely tiny probably made them think once or twice about buying anything else for the next few months after.  It is amazing the price of diamonds these days.  Having taken a resource conflicts class while in college, i was made well aware of where the diamond industry found it origins.  I also understand the human element and cost.

However, from a marketing standpoint diamonds are increasingly becoming more and more valuable so much that it has become almost a huge scam.  Over inflation year over year while there is no need for the price increase.  There seems to be no shortness of supply, and the ways that they mine and make the diamonds is becoming incrementally cheaper for the big brands of diamonds.  Diamonds are really not forever, when you sit down and think about how often that loved one is going to want additions to it to make it look more glamorous.  We must always remember as either men or women that the diamond is still at its foundation, a rock.  A clear rock.  Furthermore, what we as MEN must remember, is the true value of providing happiness to the woman that we each care for. 

Everyone wants a piece of the Apple Pie

I feel like everyone wants to get a piece of the Apple pie these days.  Today we found out that Scott Weiselberg a Lawyer from Florida is going with a class action lawsuit saying that users were wrongfully tricked into buying HD videos that wouldn’t work on their devices.  Now lets think about something here, sure Apple should have noted that but are people really going to sue the company over a dollar difference here? It says right on there that we can download in SD or HD depending on our device.

Common sense says that we should maybe think before we purchase that copy of Big Daddy, knowing that an iPhone 3gs was one of the first iPhones and may not support HD playback without retina display.  Maybe he could have done a tad bit of research on his smartphone and found out that it couldn’t handle HD.  Finally, who really watches movies on an iPhone anyways, guess what we have iPads, iTunes, Apple TV (ALL HD).  This is a lawsuit that truly makes zero sense because it is still the users fault for not reading the instruction manual.  They did not operate the device in the proper way.  Believe it or not these devices are not supposed to teach you everything.  Here is my daily rant on the stupidity of people suing large companies for issues that they themselves caused.

English: The new, second-generation Apple TV. ...

English: The new, second-generation Apple TV. This is now released, shipping product which is in customers’ hands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How can a Bank effectively utilize Pinterest?

Since its introduction, financial services how wondered how they can effectively use Pinterest as part of their social media strategy.  Not many answers have come from this yet.  Well i think i may have found the solution to this problem.  Banks these days are really working on their branding and their colors.  Branding is an effective way for a bank to build a high level of consumer loyalty.  Banks need their consumers to trust them again and a re-brand of the financial institution helps consumers think differently about their current accounts.  We see a lot of financial institutions starting to re-brand during the economic recovery right now.  So for Pinterest, lets brand the banks through the directly and engage the customer more effectively.  

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Logos, color schemes, bank events can all be posted on Pinterest in order to help customers engage with the brand.  If you are in a re-branding process perhaps you need to start leaking parts of your logo or masking the logo to create the wonder.  Soon customers will be able to recognize your new look.  Have some PR that you want to share, post the pictures from the event.  All of these are feasible during these modern times.  It is important for all types of businesses to stay connected on many different platforms. 


Why are your thoughts?




Egypt’s Unrest is Unresting our Economy and Those Abroad

Gas prices June 2, 2013 SoCal

Gas prices June 2, 2013 SoCal (Photo credit: Lynn Kelley Author)

This has happened pretty quickly today so I wanted to jump in on the issue that most journalists are not reporting on.  So for the first time in well over a year Oil prices have risen over the $100 per barrel mark  and this is pretty significant.  As these protests are increasing in the middle east, our oil prices are moving right with the increase.  One would wonder if we should step in and try a diplomatic solution or help reassure some of the Egyptian citizens that democracy will find a way to settle their unrest.  Otherwise when this problem gets worse, we are going to pay for it with our wallets.

Real and Nominal (inflation adjusted) oil prices

Real and Nominal (inflation adjusted) oil prices (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While in college i had at least a semester to study resource conflicts such as this or the diamond trade and how unrest and protests greatly affect the end user price point.  OPEC tends to hurt the end user in a few ways.  First of all the gas stations and oil companies can raise the price in as little as 3 days.  However, when it comes to lowering prices, it can take 2 weeks or longer.

Recently, we have had pretty steady and not so bad prices at the pump, it is a shame that it is most likely over.  Let me know how you feel.