Everyone wants a piece of the Apple Pie

I feel like everyone wants to get a piece of the Apple pie these days.  Today we found out that Scott Weiselberg a Lawyer from Florida is going with a class action lawsuit saying that users were wrongfully tricked into buying HD videos that wouldn’t work on their devices.  Now lets think about something here, sure Apple should have noted that but are people really going to sue the company over a dollar difference here? It says right on there that we can download in SD or HD depending on our device.

Common sense says that we should maybe think before we purchase that copy of Big Daddy, knowing that an iPhone 3gs was one of the first iPhones and may not support HD playback without retina display.  Maybe he could have done a tad bit of research on his smartphone and found out that it couldn’t handle HD.  Finally, who really watches movies on an iPhone anyways, guess what we have iPads, iTunes, Apple TV (ALL HD).  This is a lawsuit that truly makes zero sense because it is still the users fault for not reading the instruction manual.  They did not operate the device in the proper way.  Believe it or not these devices are not supposed to teach you everything.  Here is my daily rant on the stupidity of people suing large companies for issues that they themselves caused.

English: The new, second-generation Apple TV. ...

English: The new, second-generation Apple TV. This is now released, shipping product which is in customers’ hands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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