How can a Bank effectively utilize Pinterest?

Since its introduction, financial services how wondered how they can effectively use Pinterest as part of their social media strategy.  Not many answers have come from this yet.  Well i think i may have found the solution to this problem.  Banks these days are really working on their branding and their colors.  Branding is an effective way for a bank to build a high level of consumer loyalty.  Banks need their consumers to trust them again and a re-brand of the financial institution helps consumers think differently about their current accounts.  We see a lot of financial institutions starting to re-brand during the economic recovery right now.  So for Pinterest, lets brand the banks through the directly and engage the customer more effectively.  

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Logos, color schemes, bank events can all be posted on Pinterest in order to help customers engage with the brand.  If you are in a re-branding process perhaps you need to start leaking parts of your logo or masking the logo to create the wonder.  Soon customers will be able to recognize your new look.  Have some PR that you want to share, post the pictures from the event.  All of these are feasible during these modern times.  It is important for all types of businesses to stay connected on many different platforms. 


Why are your thoughts?





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