The Best We Have?

I am in the office today and someone raised a discussion about this TV show called Honey Boo Boo.  We all got into talking about how extremely ignorant it was.  It turns out that the cast of this reality TV show makes the Cast of Jersey Shore look like they all went to Harvard.  Yes, even Snooki.  It makes me wonder, is this the best entertainment that we have in this country?  The birth of all of these different reality shows like these lately is absolutely ridiculous it may actually be hurting the brainpower of this country.  Do we need to start changing the way we watch television?  Again?  Some of the best shows out there were not reality, simply because they are not what we see everyday.  How is what we see in our lives each day defined as entertainment?  Remember the good old days with shows such as “The Sopranos”?  I feel like the only really good drama on right now is “Revolution” on NBC, but that is just one mans opinion.

However, the reality television format has brought us a few exceptions, some that are on their 28th season.  The one I am referring to of course is Survivor.  Survivor started back in 1992 and is actually not only an American show.  It is actually a global show that airs many different survivors at once in different countries.  The most successful of the franchise however, is in the United States.

Even with the success of survivor, it is losing viewership.  Jersey Shore was a cash cow, but was forced to cancel when the cast was starting to go different places with their careers.  The Situation just moved in down the street from me and we often see Pauly D Dj’ing in Atlantic City.  So now we have shows to rely on such as Honey Boo Boo or even Dance Mom’s.  I need to raise the question here, “Is this the best we have?”

Jersey Shore (TV series)

Jersey Shore (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let me know your thoughts of how you think the TV industry is changing, good or bad?



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