New Jersey’s Potential Online Gambling Future

English: Self made image. GDFL. Aerial view of...

English: Self made image. GDFL. Aerial view of the Borgata complex. Hotel, Casino, and Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Over the last few days there has been a lot of discussion between New Jersey Lawmakers and Atlantic City Casinos.  The chatter is about online gambling as the title of this blog would suggest.  There seems to be a lot of mixed feelings in the NJ Marketplace about this potential future that could take effect as early as November.  I am on the edge about this, mainly because I tend to like to gamble.  However, if it was online and easier to access from anywhere rather than making the trek down to AC on the weekend, I could see how it would become a problem for some people.


The question that will soon be raised on this issue is “if the system for online gambling can be trusted?”.  For example, will the odds be the same online as if they were in a live setting.  All it takes is a simple algorithm to ruin that one blackjack hand that you raised your bet to $500 on.  There needs to be a way to make sure that there is no foul play involved from the Casino’s standpoint.  The other side of the issue is that how does the casino then protect itself from hackers trying to interfere with certain bets.


Does this also become a moral battle where we are becoming enablers for a younger generation that could gain access to gambling.  How do you regulate who uses the account?  I could be logged in or let someone under 18 use it just as easy as signing in and leaving.  The casino walls tend to keep out the underage gambling and fake IDs.  So there better be a creative way to stop it such as a webcam that has to be on for facial recognition.  Otherwise i do not know how they can regulate this.








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